Protecting your teeth is something that the vast majority of people will consider to be incredibly important. However, this is something that is even more significant for athletes. As an athlete, particularly one involved in any kind of contact sport, protecting yourself always needs to be a high priority and your teeth can be especially vulnerable. This is why the use of athletic mouth guards is so important. Here you will learn how athletic mouth guards work, why they are so important, and what the process of having a custom mouth guard fitted is like.


What are athletic mouth guards?


A mouth guard is a soft plastic or laminate device worn in the mouth during sports and athletic events with the purpose of protecting your mouth and preventing injuries to your teeth, mouth, gums, cheeks, tongue, and jaw during play. They cover the sharp surfaces of the teeth that can cause cuts and abrasions on impact. They also cushion against impact and distribute the forces of impact that would otherwise cause injury, reducing the potential for many tooth-related injuries.


Why you should wear them


Dental injuries are some of the most common injuries in sports, with sports-related dental injuries resulting in more than 600,000 ER visits every year. When not wearing a mouth guard, an athlete is more than 60 times more likely to suffer harm to their teeth. They are often comfortable and unobtrusive enough that it is easy to forget about them when playing sports. They are also incredibly cost-effective compared to the potential cost of dental surgery that results from any kind of injury. 


The process of having mouth guards fitted


The best protection for your mouth will always come from athletic mouth guards that have been custom fitted. These mouth guards can be fabricated following a full dental assessment, after which an accurate impression of your dentition and surrounding oral structures is taken by a dentist. This ensures that the mouth guard is perfectly fitted to your mouth and not only maximizes the level of comfort that you feel when wearing it but ensures that you are always experiencing the highest possible levels of protection. Some mouth guards can even be specifically tailored to the needs and requests of different sportspeople to ensure maximum efficacy.


Athletic mouth guards might not appear to be the most significant piece of equipment for any athlete but the truth is that they are genuinely essential. A lot of research has shown that mouth guards are likely to be the most important part of an athlete’s uniform, preventing more than 200,000 oral injuries every year. No matter what kind of athlete you are, you’re going to be at risk of some kind of oral injury, many of which can be prevented simply with the use of a mouth guard. Given how easy to wear, comfortable, and cost-effective they are, not to mention the safety benefits that they provide, there really is no excuse not to wear athletic mouth guards during sport.