Family Dentistry

At Northchase Family Dentistry we know that getting you and your family to the dentist can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. With busy work and school schedules as well as anxiety surrounding dental care, things can get complicated and long periods of time can pass without getting your teeth checked. But taking care of your teeth is important and we are committed to helping the whole family maintain healthy and radiant smiles.

It’s important to find a dental office that is close by and helps you and your kids feel at home. If you’re in need of a Wilmington dentist, Northchase Family Dentistry is the best choice. Here’s why:

Family Friendly

Being able to go to the same dentist for all your family’s dental needs is the most convenient choice and can help remove stress from your life. Plus, taking young children to the dentist can be a difficult and frightening experience. But at Northchase, the staff and dentist have extensive experience working with kids and helping them to have positive experiences at the dentist.

Good dental habits are developed at a young age and taking your kids to a dentist they can trust will help set positive trends that can last a lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Phillip Kohut DMD, has kids of his own and knows how to communicate and care for the dental needs of small children.

Extended Hours

Finding time to schedule a dental appointment can be tricky if you work a typical 9-5 job. And if your kids are enrolled in school there’s limited free time for them as well. Thankfully, Northchase Family Dentistry has extended hours and even has availabilities on Saturdays.

Just because you work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to schedule regular dental appointments and receive quality care. You work hard all week and you deserve the option to take care of your oral health without having to skip out on work and school obligations.

Welcoming Staff

If you are looking for a dentist in Wilmington NC who has a great staff and a welcoming environment, look no further. Our top of line team has been described as “friendly”, “professional” and “welcoming”. Your time at the dentist’s office shouldn’t be dreaded, it should be looked forward to! This team will help you feel at home and can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Give Northchase Family Dentistry in Wilmington NC a call today and schedule your appointment!