Teeth Whitening for Life

Northchase Family Dentistry has started “Bleaching for Life”, a teeth whitening program, as a way to reward our patients who care about the look of their teeth and are committed to their oral health and showing up to their appointments.

For $99, we allow any of our patients who have established care with us and completed any necessary cleanings to join the program. It includes making models of your mouth. We then make custom whitening trays for you. This process usually takes us a couple of days. We then have you come back, at your convenience, so we can try in your trays and show you how to properly bleach your teeth. We also give you enough bleach at this appointment to safely start bleaching your teeth.

As long as anyone in the program keeps their recommended appointments, we provide additional bleaching material at each recall appointment to keep their whitened teeth “fresh.” Also, should your custom bleaching trays be damaged, as long as you bring in the models of your mouth which we have made and will provide for you, we will make you new bleaching trays at no charge.

This is a program that we designed to reward our patients and allow them to feel good about their smiles at a great price. You must adhere to our missed appointment policy to remain eligible.

For complete details about this program, please contact our office.

*To put it politely, we feel whitening procedures designed (or more appropriately, marketed) as in-office, single-visit procedures are usually a poor choice for the overwhelming majority of patients and would recommend most patients not spend their hard-earned money on them.  If you’re seriously considering one-visit whitening, we strongly recommend you “zoom” away as fast as you can.