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Concerning the Coronavirus:

These are difficult times for all. Northchase Family Dentistry is committed to keeping our patients and staff safe.

Until further notice, we would recommend any person in a high-risk group for contracting the virus delay visiting the dentist unless absolutely necessary.

Safety Measures in Place

We have always taken our sterilization and disinfection protocols seriously, and with this virus, have enacted several other measures.

To maximize “social distancing,” our waiting room is still closed. All patients and relatives must wait out in their cars, calling our office when they arrive. We can still only allow patients in the back at this time—we can only make exceptions, if absolutely necessary, for one guardian to accompany very young children or a patient with special needs. We are also restricting how many appointments we make each day, to limit how many people enter the building.

Anyone entering the building must use hand sanitizer. We will be taking your temperature using a touchless thermometer to make sure you do not have a fever. Before treatment, you will be given an antimicrobial mouth rinse to use.

Any patient exhibiting signs of the virus, or who has been around someone who has in the past two weeks, must let us know immediately so that we can reschedule your appointment for a future date when you are likely healthy.

We have several exhaust fans going in the building, removing air. We also have placed air sanitizers in treatment rooms. These units have HEPA filters and also UV lights that are designed to kill airborne viruses (the same type that hospitals use in their operating rooms). We have also installed these UV lights directly to our HVAC units, to treat the air that is circulated through the building. Each night, when everyone has gone home, we fog our building with ozone gas.


We are doing all that we can to ensure our patients’ safety, but we, like everyone else, can not guarantee it. To be around other people is to possibly be exposed to the virus. We do not know when this crisis will end, but we will do all that we can to keep you safe and provide your needed care. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to let us know, and stay safe!